'Summer Lovin': A Journey to the 'Bliss' Exhibition

October 11, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Summer Lovin'Summer Lovin'

Great news! I don't think I will tire of this, but feel buzzed with excitement as another of my ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photographs,  'Summer Lovin,' is set to take a part of the wall space at the 'Bliss' exhibition in the fabulous Aspire Gallery. This fabulous display of artistic talent is scheduled to grace the gallery walls from October 14th to November 11th, 2023. As the artist, I'm absolutely delighted to share and offer a glimpse into the process of preparing and framing this photograph for the upcoming exhibition.

The Joy of Artistic Recognition

For any photographer or artist, the feeling of having their work chosen for a gallery exhibition is nothing short of exhilarating. It's a moment when creativity somehow meets validation, and 'Summer Lovin' has been fortunate enough to capture the essence of 'bliss', and earn one of the prestigious limited spots.
ICM photography often elicits a wide range of emotions and interpretations from viewers, and can sometimes be quite polarising, so I love when, someone else, loves and appreciates the style.

Preparing for the Exhibition  

The journey of an artwork from conception to exhibition is a multifaceted one. Preparing for an exhibition involves not only the creation of image, but also the careful selection of the right piece that resonates with the theme of the exhibition. In this case, 'Summer Lovin' wasn't the only piece I put forward for the exhibit, but was obviously one that resonated with the curator. Shot at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, I captured this and fell in love with its movement and dreamy, abstracted nature immediately. 

Printing, on the correct stock for the image and the framing, too, both play a pivotal role in presenting the photograph in the most impactful way possible.
I did have this printed on metallic which looks equally FABULOUS as the lustre, and the stock I was initially going to go with! But, when framing, it got a tiny scratch. This is why you wear white gloves! :) And I didn't pop them on. Plan B right!
The choice of the frame can either enhance or detract from the overall effect of the image. In this instance, the process of framing 'Summer Lovin' was just as crucial as the creation of the photograph itself. It's about ensuring that the image is presented in the best light, allowing viewers to immerse themselves fully in the moment captured. I actually had to hand paint this frame to get the 'beach' look I was after for it. 

The Significance of 'Bliss'

The 'Bliss' exhibition carries a particular theme that offers a unique opportunity for artists to explore the concept of bliss, and summer, in their own way. It can manifest through various subjects, styles, and interpretations, and the exhibit is filled to the brim exploring so many different mediums and interpretations.
For 'Summer Lovin,' the depiction of tranquility and 'beach days happiness' through the lens of ICM photography I felt, resonated with the exhibition's theme. The photograph evoking a sense of serenity and euphoria, attributed to the deliberate movement of the camera during its capture, resulting in that ethereal quality that characterises ICM photography.

Collaborative Showcase

One of the most thrilling aspects of being part of a gallery exhibition is the opportunity to share space with fellow artists. The 'Bliss' exhibition brings together a diverse array of creative talents, each offering their unique perspective on the theme. As a photographer and visual artist, I am always excited to see my work displayed alongside others, appreciating the richness of artistic expression. A celebration of creativity, a chance to explore the diverse interpretations of bliss, and an opportunity for viewers to immerse themselves in the creative world.

If you are in the Brisbane are head into the exhibition... 
Aspire Gallery
53 Kennedy Terrace,
Paddington, Qld

October 14th to November 11th, 2023

And if you aren't - you can view the exhibition online here

And Summer Lovin' can be viewed or purchased ... here.

Pop a piece of Bliss, on your wall! 

Summer LovinSummer Lovin at Aspire Galleryhttps://www.aspiregallery.com.au/bliss-exhibition/p/summer-lovin Painting the frame    Waiting to Deliver ;)


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