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| Headshots for business - Don't Blend In, Stand Out! |
Your headshots are your headline!
And worth investing in - no matter what business or industry you represent

Professional headshots are a crucial part of your visual branding. An important way to make an impact, representing yourself and/or your staff and business they can build trust with potential clients or employers. When someone sees a professional headshot, they are more likely to view you as credible and trustworthy.

Your headshot can also help humanise your online presence. In a world where so much communication happens digitally, having a high-quality photo of yourself can help create a sense of connection and relatability.

Openroad Footprint delivers friendly, relaxed, and natural headshots that allow you to ooze confidence, allowing your clients to know, like and trust you. 

The right headshot can be used on your website, your 'about us' page, LinkedIn profile, a brochure, an Annual Report profile, social media pages, “for sale” signs and next to your listings, your email footer and more!
That’s a lot of value from one photograph; and the right photo can make the difference in helping you gain that new client or customer.

Let Openroad Footprint capture your updated headshot for that professional image that shows off your confidence and approachability. We ensure your images reflect you, your brand, follow branding requirements if already existing and then, if part of a group, are consistent from person to person within the business frame.

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         Single person : $286 per person includes GST

             2-6 people : $258.50 per person includes GST

              7+ people : $231 per person includes GST


  • After booking - an over the phone consultation to discuss your individual requirements
  • Your choice of background setting - your offices or outdoor location.
  • Up to 30 minute photo session covering a range of poses & face angles as required.
  • Shortlist of approx. 10-15 images supplied online - passworded so only you can view, to choose 2 final images - which receive full edit.
  • Two final image files supplied at high resolution 300dpi and low resolution 72dpi in both colour and black and white- ready for print/press/web
  • Unlimited usage rights included.


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