Architectastic Workshop - segment of architectural windows in black and white Odd Number Structure
Create striking architectural shots!
Photographer's - flame your creative juices in this Architec-TASTIC workshop!

Most people, when they think 'architecture' photography, think the typical big cities and highrise style of shots! And looking through buildings to the sky - occasionally capturing a plane heading through the centre!
We will prove that isn't required for a stunning shot. No matter where we are located, in this workshop we will learn to develop an eye to create gorgeous architectural shots, with the architecture that actually surrounds 'us'; from the location we are in. It's all about the detail.

We will delve into our 'subjects' (taking multiple shots from various points of view), and learn how to look and compose for that unique feature or element that acts as a focal point. Pursuing semi-abstract and architectural detail photography; exploring and looking for what others don't see - which is the magic. We will learn great composition and shoot architectural detail in a well-defined photo, ensuring there is a mix of close-up work, as well as shots that encompass a more overall view of the construction and design. 
Simplicity, geometry, compositional framing!
The goal of the session will be for each of us to create a portfolio of captivating images that will continue to further encourage your creative juices when you head back home.

No rules - you, your camera, and your intrigue to explore your artistic abilities and create striking architectural imagery that can win awards.

This is not a sit-and-listen workshop yawn - bring your camera, let's get shooting, let's have a blast!
And let's become architecture hunters, in search of interesting architectural details.
Join us. It will be architect-astic!! :D

Architectastic Workshops

NEW workshops coming around Australia, 2024!


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Architectastic Workshop - segment of stairway in black and white Coming up or going down? Architectastic Workshop - segment of sculptural architecture in black and white lungs Architectastic Workshop - segment of architectural windows in black and white Architectastic Workshop - segment of architectural windows in black and white



















Architectastic Workshop - segment of architectural windows in black and white Waves Architectastic Workshop - corner segment of building in black and white Architecture in shades of grey











What do I need to bring?
Travel light. Your DSLR camera and lens! For more detailed or intricate shots, a lens anywhere 24mm to 200mm will do the trick nicely. And that's it. We will be walking around a fair bit and be looking in particular for unique sections of architecture to shoot. As we will be doing quick exposures a tripod is not necessary for this particular session. 
Make sure your battery/ies are fully charged! Yes, I've made that mistake ;) 
A water bottle! Hydrate, regularly. :)

What do I wear?
Comfy clothes and shoes for walking around in!
A low to moderate level of fitness. We will be walking around a bit, but plenty of rest or sitting along the way while we 'shoot'. 
If sunny, a hat and sunscreen. Though we will try to be mostly in shaded/darker areas there will be short bouts where we are in the sunshine walking.

What if it's raining?
Kismet! How exciting for us to be able to incorporate water as a texture within images. Bring an umbrella. 
However, storms are different. We will certainly reschedule if storms or a weather event occurs. 

Do I need to know how to use a camera?

Suitable for entry level photographers starting out - learn how to use your camera to it's full capacity in manual mode and intermediate photographer's wanting to challenge their creativity further. 

Will I get help?
The limited number of participants ensures adequate individual attention to every person. We take you on a journey helping you to be more comfortable with your camera’s settings while creating unique and interesting images. All workshop numbers are capped so you are able to receive personalised one on one guidance and tuition throughout the session. Your OpenroadFootprint workshop host is there to help every step of the way! 

Contact details
Your workshop host Ann | 0421 753 899 | [email protected]

There are limited spaces, and bookings must be paid in full to secure your spot.

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Cancellation Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event. (Eventbrite's booking fee is nonrefundable.)
No refunds are given for a no-show or for cancellation within 7 days of the workshop date.


"master the basics, be creative, explore YOUR vision."