Explore your Creativity!

At Openroad Footprint you will find a range of interesting hands-on workshops to participate in, explore and learn from. Be rewarded with creative and compelling results; no matter which workshop or location you choose, the small group format allows you to learn and get the best from your camera.

We're so excited to meet you - join us soon and LET's GO SHOOT! :)

Embrace the Blur | WorkshopEmbrace the Blur | Workshop

Embrace the Blur Workshop
Locations and dates | full details here 


Architectastic WorkshopArchitectastic Workshop

Architectastic Workshop
Locations and dates | full details here 


Interested in a workshop in a location not currently on the list?
Contact me and let me know where you are, in 2024 we are bringing the workshops to you all over Australia!

Interested in other workshops? Keep an eye out. We will be adding further tours, workshops and most excitingly, photographic 'scavenger hunt' events soon. 
You can also book personalised one on one sessions - send a message to [email protected] and we will contact you to discuss. 



Master the basics, be creative, find YOUR vision.