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P.A.D. Photo A Day!
366 images.
A year of photos, to juice the creative flow daily through TwentyTwenty - a prompt, a single word or phrase, any genre - given the day before, to use as inspiration for a photo/image/wordplay to upload the day after... from wherever I am - home, work, or holidaying!
The result then available for sale.
Follow the OpenroadFootprint 366 image (yes, its a leap year!) photographic journey through 2020!
Prompt : FAMILY |OFa201230|Prompt : BLENDING IN |OFa201228|Prompt : WHITE FLOWERS |OFa201227|Prompt : ZOOM OUT |OFa201226|Prompt : CITY LIFE |OFa201221|Prompt : PEP VENTOSA |OFa201220|Prompt : TRIO |OFa201219|Prompt : DISARRAY |OFa201218|Prompt : PLAY WITH LINES |OFa201217|Prompt : RECTANGULAR |OFa201201|Prompt : LOCAL |OFa201126|Prompt : MIRROR |OFa201125|Prompt : IN THE DISTANCE |OFa201124|Prompt : UMBRELLAS |OFa201123|Prompt : FLYING |OFa201122|Prompt : LINKED |OFa201121|Prompt : RED LIGHT |OFa201118|Prompt : LUSH |OFa201117|Prompt : IN THE OCEAN |OFa201116|Prompt : GRID |OFa201115|