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What do I need to bring? 
Your DSLR camera! There are no requirements for a particular 'brand' or to have the 'latest model'.
And one or two lenses. And that's it. We will discuss cameras and lenses further in our pre-event zoom meeting. 
Whilst using a tripod will be useful, many places in Singapore do not allow the use of a tripod. If you have a mini one, bring it along if you want to. We will always abide by the laws required of the location we are visiting.
Battery charger! Yes, I've made that mistake ;) 
Your laptop (and your accessories, flash drive etc) 
A personal water bottle! To hydrate, regularly. :)
We will discuss the equipment you have and what is useful to bring on our zoom call before travelling.

What clothes do I bring?
Comfy summer clothes, maybe a light jacket for the evening and definitely comfy shoes for walking around in!
Some of the temples we are allowed to enter, but women must be fully covered. Some provide clothing for this for a gratuity if you aren't, but please bring one outfit of loose-fitting long sleeves and pants for the temple day. 
A wide brimmed hat and sunscreen. Though we will try to be in shaded areas where possible there will be many bouts where we may be in the sunshine walking.

How fit do I need to be?
A low to moderate level of fitness. We will be walking around quite a bit, but will receive plenty of rest or sitting along the way while we 'shoot'. And times when we eat or simply sit back to chill and absorb all that is around us.

Do I need to know how to use a camera?
Open for the amateur enthusiast to intermediate-level photographers. With a cap on the number of participants, there is plenty of individual attention to every person throughout the whole week to help you get the best from your camera, alongside your level of shooting experience.

Will I get help?
All tour numbers are capped so you are able to receive personalised one on one guidance and tuition throughout the retreat.  Beginners will learn how to be more comfortable with camera’s settings and learning composition techniques - intermediate level photographers will expand new ideas and concepts and the week will be excitingly challenging. Your OpenroadFootprint workshop host Ann is there to help every step of the way!

What if it's raining?
Kismet! How exciting for us to be able to use water as a texture within images. Please include in your luggage an umbrella, small towel, plastic bag, good walking shoes & raincoat, and let us show you how creative you can get with your camera in the rain!
However, storms are different. We will certainly shift around the itinerary to suit any adverse weather. 

What if it's hot?
It's Singapore ;) 
In seriousness - let's talk about the weather. Something we don't have control of wherever we live, or visit! Situated at the equator, Singapore experiences high temperatures as it receives the most direct sunlight. The surrounding water evaporates at a high rate, giving rise to an abundance of water vapour. Singapore is therefore known for its humid weather and occasional precipitation that may occasionally add to this humidity. 
If you live anywhere North in Australia, it will be very similar to our summers. Plus, we will be so focused on being creative and being wow'ed, we won't even notice - and some of our activities are indoors too :D
In saying that, Singapore can definitely have some cooler days too! 

Can I take chewing gum?
You may smile at such a question. It's been asked. And while it may seem odd to us, it IS true, chewing gum is banned in Singapore, so please don't bring any gum as the fines are rather hefty.
Other banned items are e-cigarettes, shisha and personal fireworks. Though Im sure none of us would want to carry fireworks. :)

There are limited spaces. Deposit required to hold your place. Bookings must be paid in full to secure your spot 28 days (or earlier) before departure date. 

What about travel insurance?
Please note: It is recommended that you arrange your own travel insurance.
Travel insurance is essential for any OpenroadFootprint tour, and it is a requirement for you to organise this before departure.

Check your passport: and make sure it is up to date. New and renewed Australian passports are currently taking at least 6 weeks to process, longer for children’s passports. For more info, see the Australian Passport Office. For those outside of Australia, please check with your countries passport office. 

Do you have gift cards available?
Yes, gift cards are available, please contact OpenroadFootprint directly to organise one.
Encourage friends and family to gift you with a card that you can use against your trip costs. What a fabulous, useful and exciting present! 

Contact details
Your workshop host Ann | 0421 753 899 | [email protected]

I want to be part of an awesome cohort of excited photographers exploring all Singapore has to offer, together!
Your investment: $3,879 for this exciting hands-on experience
Secure your place with a $500 deposit then, we will set up a personalised weekly/fortnightly payment plan, full balance due 28 days before departure/s.

7 days, 6 nights | Wednesday 28th August - Tuesday 3rd September 2024


What exactly will we learn?
When coming along on a photographic retreat we will cover many aspects of photography and depending on your level of photography knowledge and specific interests, you will head back home with a wealth of knowledge to continue on your photographic journey with.

Here are some common questions we will encounter and cover on this trip:

Camera and Equipment:

  • What camera and lenses do you recommend for different types of photography?
  • How do I choose the right settings for different lighting conditions?
  • Can you explain the different shooting modes and their uses?
  • What accessories do you recommend for better results?

Composition and Technique:

  • How can I improve my composition and make my photos more visually appealing?
  • What are some effective techniques for capturing images?
  • How do I achieve a shallow depth of field or a long exposure effect?
  • What are the best practices for capturing action shots or low-light scenes?
  • How do I create engaging ICM imagery?

Post-Processing and Editing:

  • Which software do you recommend for post-processing and organising my photos?
  • How can I enhance my images using editing tools like Photoshop or Lightroom?
  • Are there any specific tips or tricks for editing different types of photographs?
  • What should I consider when printing or sharing my photos online?

Location and Subject Matter:

  • Which locations or landmarks are best for capturing certain types of photography?
  • Can you recommend interesting and unique photo opportunities in the area?
  • How can I find and capture compelling stories or emotions in my photographs?

Technical Issues and Troubleshooting:

  • What should I do if I encounter exposure problems or (non intentional) image blur?
  • How can I deal with challenging lighting conditions, such as high contrast or backlighting?
  • What are some common mistakes to avoid when shooting and how can I overcome them?
  • Do you have any advice for backup strategies and protecting my photos?

The specific questions we cover will depend on the group's (and you, as an individual) interests, skill level, and the location we are exploring together. Openroad Footprint masterclasses will be open to your needs and provide practical examples or demonstrations to help you understand and apply the concepts effectively.

Conditions/Cancellation Policy
Booking deposits of $500 are non-refundable.
No refunds if cancelled within 14 days of booked departure date.

NOTE: A minimum of four (4) participants is required before the tour goes ahead. If we do not meet the minimum number of participants and need to cancel, you will be fully refunded deposit and any monies paid to OpenroadFootprint. It does not include any outside payments made. For this reason we recommend you do not book airline tickets until tour is confirmed.

7 days, 6 nights | Wednesday 28th August - Tuesday 3rd September 2024


Singapore Photography RetreatSingapore Photography Retreat





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