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Ann Parrott - photographer and visual artist in AustraliaMeet Ann


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Nomadic photographer Ann, armed with the primitive, but beautifully reliable workhorse - a Canon 7D, loves to discover, photograph and interpret what the world out there has to offer.
As a graphic designer Ann discovered and learned how to use the computer as an art tool while working in the multi-national advertising industry, and has used both Photoshop and Lightroom since their inception! 
With a Covid-enforced hiatus, she seized the opportunity to formalise her photography knowledge from her advertising work, with a Diploma of Photography.
Join her and a fabulous cohort of keen shooters, and learn how to get the best out of both your photography and editing skills. 

“I am so driven to create and explore, to play with light and colour, both in camera and during processing, and discovering ways to be more visually creative with the imagery.
Designing, photography, visual art, they all start from a solid base of theoretical knowledge; 'rules', perspective, spatial and colour relationships, as well as the experience of looking and seeing, composition. I feel each individual photographer can then understand when to break 'rules', and capture his or her own glimpse of the ultimate nature of reality. THAT, is what I hope to help you with whether within a workshop, or on a retreat, so you come away with intriguing and creative personal imagery that is different from the everyday noise.
I cannot wait to share Singapore with YOU! I hope you come join us, with workshops and challenges throughout our time there - we will learn so much together. It's gonna be SO MUCH FUN!"


Singapore Photography Retreat - nine images from the locationSingapore Photography Retreat



"master the basics, be creative, explore your own vision."

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