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Playing with the ordinary. Adding. Deliberate movement. Deliberate blurs. Deliberate shapes. Play, play, play.
Some also including some ICM photography (intentional camera blur) and/or in camera under/over exposures as the base.
Baby giraffe,  |OFa1491|Moving through Prague. |OFa1493|Busy day at the office |OFa1494|Making eye contact |OFa1495|Lazy morn at the beach |OFa1497|Brisbane jacaranda |OFa1500|Don't speak |OFa1510|Kuranda Skyrail jacaranda |OFa1520|Blurred lines |OFa1531|City skyline ICM |OFa1532|Two photos ICM |OFa1535|Mt Glorious, Brisbane |OFa1536|Overlooking the River Derwent |OFa1539|Subliminal messages |OFa1540|Close to home |OFa1541|Going up? |OFa1542|