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New York has architecturally significant buildings in a wide range of styles spanning distinct historical and cultural periods.
New York morning fog |OFa1033|New York 'the Vessel' |OFa1034|New York 'the Vessel' hive |OFa1035|New York hive |OFa1037|Front on, New York hive |OFa1309|Stairs and stairs, then more stairs. New York City |OFa1310|Overhead, the Oculus. |OFa1376|The Oculus. |OFa1378|Reflection on the Oculus. |OFa1379|Behind the veil. |OFa1381|From a different angle, the Oculus. |OFa1382|The Vessel |OFa1410|New York City - reflective |OFa1516|