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A look at some of the amazing architecture, interiors and exteriors discovered while travelling the open roads around Australia.
Home to some wondrous and also gloriously historic, structures we'll discover big and little, from a distance and closeup - all have a story into what makes, Australia, great!
Ipswich, Queensland |OFa1067|Ipswich, Queensland |OFa1068|Peeling away |OFa1069|St Paul's Anglican Church |OFa1070|St Paul's Anglican Church home |OFa1071|St Paul's Anglican Church cross |OFa1072|Soldier's Memorial Hall |OFa1073|Soldier's Memorial Hall |OFa1074|Brisbane poolside tints |OFa1075|Cloudland, Fortitude Valley interior |OFa1101|Cloudland, Fortitude Valley stairway |OFa1102|Cloudland stairway |OFa1103|Cloudland ambience |OFa1104|Cloudland - take a seat |OFa1105|Pink rustic |OFa1106|Pink angles |OFa1107|Metal structures |OFa1108|Metal structures |OFa1109|Rooftop |OFa1110|The storms a comin' - Kempton, Tasmania |OFa1010|