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Hmmmm. It's interesting, but, where does it fit?
No idea?
Throw it in the junk drawer ... you know, that messy kitchen drawer overflowing with outdated coupons, dead batteries, and old receipts, until we find a home! :)
Butterfly views |OFa1182|Lights at Cloudland |OFa1183|Hanging around! |OFa1184|Help! |OFa1185|Garage tools |OFa1186|Welcome |OFa1187|Installation |OFa1188|Bike pair |OFa1189|Steel mesh structure - top of Dancing House! |OFa1458|A typical country scene...  |OFa1459|Switch, on |OFa1460|World view |OFa1461|Fence line |OFa1462|Wood |OFa1463|