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Chances are, if you live in Australia, you aren’t too far from water. The endless kilometres of coastlines filled with beaches, our roaring oceans and explosive blowholes, calm seas, the waterfalls and waterpools, lakes, the creeks and riverbeds, all create a unique view that is, Australia.
Calm waters, tranquility - Cardwell, Qld |OFa1012|Resting place - Byron Bay, NSW |OFa1014|Reflections - Byron Bay, NSW |OFa1015|Movement of water, pool |OFa1066|Beachside sunset, Maroochydore, Qld |OFa1125|Blowhole Bicheno, Tasmania |OFa1207|Fortescue Bay |OFa1235|Fortescue Bay beach |OFa1236|Bowen Jetty. |OFa1291|A splash with blue. |OFa1292|Just blue. |OFa1293|Heart'ier. |OFa1294|Rainfall, Franklin, Tasmania |OFa1296|Binalong Bay, Tasmania. |OFa1339|Murdunna, beautiful picnic spots. |OFa1351|Summer in Surfers Paradise, Australia |OFa1365|Cape Hauy, Tasmania  |OFa1366|Blowhole Bicheno, Tasmania |OFa1367|Exercise in movement - Cairns, Queensland |OFa1518|Paronellea Park, Cairns |OFa1519|