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With a fresh layer of snow on day three in Switzerland we were fortunate to explore and experience more snow than we expected in the planning stages, also making for some simply spectacular photo opportunities!!
Snow reflections |OFs1020|Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow |OFa1018|Love at frost sight. |OFa1019|Jungfraujoch walking. |OFa1021|Powder snow blows up from the mountains. |OFa1022|Patterns |OFa1023|Above the clouds |OFa1024|Proceed with caution |OFa1025|Crevices |OFa1026|Crevices |OFa1027|A long open road |OFa1028|Endless fractures |OFa1029|Untouched |OFa1030|Crevasse |OFa1338|Plants know how to do it. |OFa1400|OFa1447 openroadfootprint snowy flowersKleine Scheidegg view |OFa1448|