Hey there, photography lovers!

Ever find yourself in a creative slump when you're all geared up to snap? Yeah, I've been there too – those days when I head out with grand plans and return home with "meh" pictures. Or worse, I skip the outing altogether and end up watching reruns.

Flashback to the mythical year of 2020. I decided to spice things up and embarked on a wild "photo a day" challenge. See, my pics were morphing into an ocean of predictability, blending in like a chameleon at a rainbow convention. It was time for a shake-up, to kick boring to the curb!

But guess what 2020 gifted us? Yep, that virus-that-shall-not-be-named. Suddenly, 'exotic locations' were replaced by 'is my couch photogenic enough?' moments. And that camera? It felt as weighty as a balloon in a breeze.

Enter prompts. They're like little creativity sparklers! I embraced 'em like my newfound quarantine hobby. Each day, a theme swept me off my feet and guided my lens to places I'd never thought of. It's like the universe went, "Hey, forget the usual, let's dive into the extraordinary!"

Now, if you're feeling that creative itch, ready to break free from the ordinary, this is your moment! Toss aside predictability and join the "365 Days of Prompts for Photographers" adventure. We're talking themes that'll take your artistic muscles on a rollercoaster ride – from wild inspirations to crazy challenges. Believe me, your camera will high-five you!

So, are you ready to flip your creativity switch? Let's stretch, explore, and paint the world with your unique lens. The 'usual' is officially uninvited! 📸🎉

365 days of prompts

A book to reignite your creativity - over 365 pages long!

Use all of the ideas, or use some of the ideas - but watch your photographic inspiration expand over the next 365 days as you ....


“365 Days of Photography,” is a transformative journey through a world of creative inspiration that won’t demand a rigid schedule or extensive travel. Life can be bustling, and photography is an art that often thrives on spontaneity and personal connection. So while you can definitely explore and play every day, this isn’t only about capturing an image every single day, or embarking on a global expedition to find that perfect shot. This book is about embracing your artistic passion at your own pace, from the comfort of your own surroundings and pushing your mind to find the beauty or the 'story' anywhere you are.

Your Sanctuary of Creativity
In the realm of photography, your creativity knows no bounds. Every corner of your home, every inch of your backyard, and every ray of light that filters through your window can become the canvas for your images. While you will be encouraged through this to explore and seek new perspectives, there is equal value in the beauty that lies in the familiar.

Embracing Flexibility
The prompts are here to spark your imagination, to nudge you towards new horizons, and to remind you of the enchantment that lies in the ordinary. And guess what? There’s no specific order you need to follow. If ‘Day 34’ calls out to you before ‘Day 7,’ that’s completely okay! The prompts are like colours on a palette - mix and match them, let them inspire your unique story, and capture moments that resonate with your heart. There is room on each page to write notes on your own ideas of the theme, and to date when you actually use that prompt!

Capturing Your Journey
As you journey through this book, remember that it’s about the joy of creation, the thrill of discovery, and the process of growth. Whether you’re using a professional camera, a smartphone, or anything in between, your lens captures not just images, but emotions, stories, and memories. Your photos are a reflection of your perspective, your feelings, and your interpretation of the world.

So, grab this book. Pause, breathe, and let the prompts guide you, not as obligations but as invitations to celebrate the magic that lies within every frame. This isn’t about pressure; it’s about pleasure. It’s about finding that bit of magic in the mundane, that spark in the beauty the world surrounds us with. 



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