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Feathered Allure

Feathered Allure

Feathered Allure for bird lovers.
Strutting Mr Peacock - Cataract Gorge, Tasmania. The peacocks were in full mating mode on a recent visit to the gorge. Their displays of plume and guttural sounds, interesting to be a part of. Definitely, show-offs :)

• Limited edition; 50 only.
• Signed Certificate of Authenticity.
• Archival Standard, Lustre, Fine Art Photograph.
• Photographic images are unframed.
• Exclusively printed as ordered; then meticulously checked with detail to quality before being carefully packaged and shipped in a strong postal cylindrical tube or flat pack, to you. For this personalised process, please allow two extra days for delivery.
• Other sizes available on request.
from the body of work - ‘Kingdom Animalia’.